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March 6th 2015
Hans van Zutphen and Telos Alliance form strategic partnership in audio processing

Hans van Zutphen and The Telos Alliance have announced a strategic partnership to design new audio processing technology for The Telos Alliance. Through this partnership, Hans van Zutphen will be able to bring his innovative processing technology faster to a broader market.

Hans van Zutphen is known as the developer of the professional audio processing software Stereo Tool. Since its modest start as a “hobby product” several years ago, Stereo Tool has seen continuous technical development and global commercial success.

Van Zutphen will continue to develop, support and sell Stereo Tool as a separate software product through his new company Thimeo Audio Technology B.V. The new legal entity is necessary to accommodate further growth and expansion. The name Thimeo is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘to honor, to place a great value on something’ to indicate that the company’s philosophy is to treat audio with respect for the artist’s original intentions. The earlier announced plans to independently develop a hardware solution based on Stereo Tool have been shelved.

Hans van Zutphen: “I know that some people are afraid that I will stop developing Stereo Tool, but that's absolutely not my intention. There are clearly separate markets for the processing software and the more expensive audio processing hardware boxes. I love working on Stereo Tool and the large amount of feedback that I receive from the loyal Stereo Tool user community is the best possible driver for the development of new functionality. User feedback is the main reason why I have been able to make Stereo Tool as good as it is today. I absolutely don't want to loose that.”

The new partnership underlines The Telos Alliance’s appreciation of Van Zutphen’s level of expertise and approach to the development of broadcast audio processing. “The leading position of the Telos Alliance enables me to significantly speed up the process of a fast and successful global roll-out of new processing hardware because of their existing expertise in development, manufacturing, sales, customer support and distribution.” The Telos Alliance is already using the Declipper technology developed by Hans van Zutphen in several of its products.

Link: Press release from The Telos Alliance